Residential Christmas Light Installation & Design


house and columns decorated with warm white led lights

Spread the Christmas joy around your neighborhood

It doesn’t really feel like Christmas at home until you?re surrounded with sparkling lights and festive decoration. But setting everything up is a lot of work and can get pretty unpleasant when you have to spend hours going up and down a ladder in the cold. Hiring a professional Christmas lighting company to handle your decoration means you will have one less thing to worry about during the holidays, and more time to spend with your loved ones. Not to mention that you’ll avoid all the hassle of setting up, maintaining, removing and storing all the material once the holidays end.

We want to work hand in hand with our clients to bring their own ideas into the design and allow them to add their personal touch. The design is always customized, you’ll never find two identical displays.

In addition to Holiday and Christmas lighting we also offer full service interior decor?

With an exceptional team of detail oriented people we make sure every home is perfect inside and out. Rooflines, front doors, windows, gardens, trees, bushes, walkways.. there’s nothing we can’t work with. Let us enhance your home’s best features.

Included in each residential installation is the following

High Quality Lights

All of our suppliers are vetted for the highest quality product. We offer some of the brightest and longest lasting lights on the market.

All Materials

We provide all the equipment required for your display such as lights, photocell timers, extension cords, light clips and more.


 We offer a wide selection of lighting styles and colors variations. By using all our materials you are able to change your design and style without having to invest in purchasing all new product.

Repairs & Support

We’ll come back to fix any problems within 48 hours. Our standard is to get out to you as soon as possible so typically you will see us within a day.

Safe storage

No need to worry about where all your lights and decor will be stored. We will return at the end of the season to safely remove, organize and store your entire display at our warehouse.

If you get your set-up installed prior to November 5, we’ll give you a 10% savings.

led icicle lights with green shrubs and candy cane palm tree holiday lights
Commercial Christmas Decor Design & Installation
front of house and columns lit with christmas lights and wreath
palm trees wrapped with warm white led christmas lights

Ready to light up your Christmas?

We are located in San Diego and have years of experience in interior and outdoor Christmas light installation and design.
We’ll take care of all your holiday decorating needs, interior and outdoors; residential or commercial. We handle the entire process, from design and installation to care throughout the holiday season, and removal once the season is over.