Eryn and Meryl were absolutely wonderful to work with! They did the interior decorations for three of our commercial properties and all of their decorations are stunning! The trees are gorgeous and beautifully decorated, and the wreath and poinsettias are beautiful.

They were reasonably priced and did amazing work! We look forward to working with them again.

Kristine S.

Highly recommend Kelly, Aaron and crew. They’ve been putting lights in my trees and on my house at Christmas time for years. They do a great job and I really appreciate them.

Ellen L.

I used this company at Christmas time . What a pleasurable experience.
The house looked fantastic and everything was done perfectly.  Will use them again.

Shirley M.

Good, clean and meticulous work. I was lucky enough to get Kelle and his crew out on fairly short notice just before the 2016 holidays. I was having a hard time trusting any these companies because the yelp reviews were really old, and just not many reviews in general.

We did clear lights on our 2-story home that has multiple levels of eaves. And colored lights on the bushes and a couple of trees. The lights looked great – they were so clean, you could hardly tell we had lights during the day (huge plus in my book). It took them about an hour to hang everything with 3 guys. On December 26th, when I was sick of everything, I messaged Kelle and he came the next day to take them down (They guarantee off by 1/15). This time about an hour with two guys. They were again very neat and careful with the home.

Overall great experience at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend.

Philip M.

Three years ago I was told about Delights of Christmas about 10 days before Christmas.  They treated me like I had been a customer for years.  Came out within a couple of days and decorated my home beautifully.  The next year I moved to Santee and they came out and did a beautiful job on the new house.  I swear by them.  When the season is over, everything is taken down and I don’t have to worry about storing or finding everything a year later.

M T.

I’m so glad I just found these guys last year. They did a great job on my house and front yard. I will be calling them again every year!

Ben S.

Kelle and his crew came out today to install our lights.  There was a misunderstanding on the time they were to arrive, but they quickly remedied that with a discount.  His team did a fabulous job going through all our lights and setting everything up.  They were very thorough and even though it took them longer than expected, they were very professional and worked through all the issues.  
Great group of guys, very professional (which is rare in this industry).  Would highly recommend them to anyone looking to have a quality installation.

Don’t be fooled by bargain prices, those guys are unreliable.  We had another booked who completely flaked on us, leaving us stranded on Dec. 1st!

Gwen B.

Didn’t have time to put up lights ourselves and we were so happy we went with delights of Christmas!  The house looked amazing!

Prabal D.

They did such a fantastic job on my house!  I am a big supporter of companies run by our Veterans.  Will definitely use again!

Theresa J.

Palm trees look excellent, thanks Ryan for accommodating such a short notice. We will use you again.
Khadar H.

I am too old now to get up on my roof , and my wife and I have downsized our home in the latest move so we lack the storage space for lights . This company provides the lights and that works for me . Quick process , they set up the lights in under an hour , and if you schedule ahead of time there is usually an early bird discount.too convenient !!! Sincerely, Francis

Francis A.

Professional, respectful, polite, prompt, clean, efficient; made appt. yesterday and my lights were strung today. Communicative, honest, explained several options, knew price before work commenced. Being bonded, insured, etc. was VERY impt. to me and learned later, they are U.S. Veterans.

My first Yelp review written only because it was earned.

Susan K.

I used Kelle and his crew for the first time this year to put Christmas lights up on my house. Took a pic of my house, emailed it to him and he came back with a quote instantly.They were on time, fast and affordable! I even changed my mind after a few days later and he gladly came back FREE of charge to switch out some lights for me. They set a timer for you which you can choose how long you want the lights on at night. You literally do NO work at alI! I couldn’t have been happier to drive home to my beautifully lit house everyday and was sad when it was time for them to take them down. He emailed me after the new year and gave me a date he would come back. He came with his team again got all the lights down very quickly and left leaving no mess behind! I have recommended him to a few friends as well and all have been very pleased.

This has been the best experience I could hope for. Why would I ever want to buy my own lights PLUS store them AND have to risk breaking my back trying to put them up myself when I can just call Kelle 🙂 Try him out you won’t regret it!

Diana A.

Excellent Job!  I used, Delights of Christmas, to set up our backyard for our annual Xmas Eve party.  Kelle and his team were extremely professional.  They walked me through the entire set up process, asked how I felt about their setup idea and completed the task in a timely manner.  I was so impressed, I decided to contract Delights to set up our outdoor lights for our wedding in 2013.  

If you are in the market for ANY holiday lights or outdoor year round lights, this is the company to use!

Michael R.