Christmas Light Installation and Holiday Light Design

Our team of professionals provide the best Christmas lighting installation service in San Diego, CA.

Christmas Light Installation in San Diego

Beautifully decorated businesses and homes make Christmas the most magical time of the year. It is a time filled with joy that brings families together, but it can also get stressful if you have to put hours before and after the holidays climbing tall ladders and making sure everything is perfect. Why not forget about this headache and leave all the work in the hands of a professional Christmas lighting installer?

Holiday Lighting

We want to work hand in hand with our clients to bring their own ideas into the design and allow them to add their personal touch. We work with private residences, shopping centers, HOAs, golf courses, commercial buildings, hotels, etc to bring their outdoor lighting vision to life.

Holiday Decor

We offer full service interior decor. Specializing in Holiday design and styling, Holiday decor procurement, tree design, setup, take down and storage. We make sure every business, commercial space, and home are perfect inside and out.

We offer a wide range of lighting services and lighting designs. Some of our favorite include: LED lights, palm tree wraps, multi colored traditional lights, warm white traditional lights, twinkle lights, RGB lights, candy cane lighting and custom holiday tree lighting. In addition to lighting we’d love to help you take your decor to the next level with tower tree installations, custom ornaments, light up reindeer, wreaths, garland, holiday presents, pole mounted displays and more.


We work hand-in-hand with our clients to bring their ideas into the design and add their personal touch. Each design is always customized; you’ll never find two identical displays


With an exceptional team of detail oriented people we make sure every home & business is perfectly decorated, inside and out. There’s nothing we can’t work with.


We’ll come back to fix any problems within 48 hours. Our standard is to get out to you as soon as possible so typically you will see us within a day.

Take down & STORAGE

Upon removal of your holiday lights and decor we will package up safely and store for you in the off season.  This also simplifies installation in the future.

Our Work

Year after year our skilled design team sets up brilliant lighting displays for residential homes, businesses, shopping centers, apartment complexes, and more. Take a look at some of our past work below. 


“Highly recommend Kelly, Aaron and crew. They’ve been putting lights in my trees and on my house at Christmas time for years. They do a great job and I really appreciate them.”

– Ellen L


“Eryn and Meryl were absolutely wonderful to work with! They did the interior decorations for three of our commercial properties and all of their decorations are stunning! The trees are gorgeous and beautifully decorated, and the wreath and poinsettias are beautiful.”

– Kristine S. 


“Good, clean and meticulous work. I was lucky enough to get Kelle and his crew out on fairly short notice just before the 2016 holidays. I was having a hard time trusting any these companies because the yelp reviews were really old, and just not many reviews in general.”

– Philip M. 


“Kelle and his crew came out today to install our lights. There was a misunderstanding on the time they were to arrive, but they quickly remedied that with a discount. His team did a fabulous job going through all our lights and setting everything up.”

– Gwen B. 


“Kelle and crew came out early and gave us an early-bird discount. This is the 2nd season that we have used them, and they did a great job. They mark all the lights with labels so that they can easily put them up next year. All the lights were on timers so they came on without any issues. I highly recommend them.”

– Stephen f.

Ready to light up your Christmas?

We are located in San Diego and have years of experience in interior and outdoor Christmas light installation and design.
We’ll take care of all your holiday decorating needs, interior and outdoors; residential or commercial. We handle the entire process, from design and installation to care throughout the holiday season, and removal once the season is over.